Red Poppy, 2020, Paper and Glue


White Circle, 2019, Paper and Glue

Annual Juried Exhibition
March 7, 2020 to April 25, 2020

Thank you to all the talented artists who submitted artwork for our 2020 Annual Juried Exhibition. Our three distinguished jurors had the pleasure of reviewing each and every artwork. After an inspiring day of assessment, 33 works have been selected for this year’s exhibition.

Please join us for the Juror’s Talk with Noor Alé, Assistant Curator//Registrar at the MacLaren Art Centre, on Saturday, March 28, 2020 at 1PM.

Selected artists (in alphabetical order by first name):
Alexandrea Nicholas-Jennings
Allan O’Marra
Andrew Cripps
Bob Tunnoch
Brandon Latcham
David Samila
Diana Hillman
Dianne Green
Edward Falkenberg
Emma Enright
Eva Folks
Gralyna Tonkiel
Heather Wheldrake
Heidi McKenzie
Hilary Hung
Jane Bowen
Joanna Strong
Judy Sherman
Julia Eldridge
Julia Katrina
Kelly Kirkham
Kim Brett
Lo Scott
Margit Sampogna
Petar Boskovic
Peter Adams
Ronald Regamey
Sara Shields
Sharron Corrigan Forrest
Sheila Chazarian
Sherry Park
Teri Donovan

“Light has always had an emotional influence on Ron’s perception of the world. Combining this with his fascination with paper, Ronald taught himself quilling which allows his creations to take on bold and symmetrical shapes. Cutting strips of paper, he molds each form and glues them together, resulting in a large mandala shape. The simplicity of the process has allowed Ronald to produce cohesive pieces that shine with details.”