2020 Propeller Art Gallery – FUNDRAISER

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Preview of all works @ Propeller, 30 Abell St. Dec 2nd-9th, 1:00-5:30 pm

Image 101 – Peacock
Image 102 – Eye


White Circle, 2019, Paper and Glue

Annual Juried Exhibition
The Latcham Art Centre

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Ronald Regamey
White Circle, 2020 – Image
Paper and glue

Working with paper and glue, Ronald Regamey taught himself the Quilling technique to create his large Mandala pieces. He prefers this technique and material due to its simplicity, allowing him to create a cohesive process filled with many details. Regamey’s work represents a summary of his life and occupational undertaking. He is interested in approaching the unapproachable by embracing and exploring forms, shapes, and colours to attain a more visual and emotional connection.

“Light has always had an emotional influence on Ron’s perception of the world. Combining this with his fascination with paper, Ronald taught himself quilling which allows his creations to take on bold and symmetrical shapes. Cutting strips of paper, he molds each form and glues them together, resulting in a large mandala shape. The simplicity of the process has allowed Ronald to produce cohesive pieces that shine with details.”