Thank you all who came to my show from July 11th to August 3rd at the Lee Contemporary Art Gallery in Orillia. I hope you enjoyed inspiring art works by me. I really enjoyed meeting with friends and getting to know new people. Thanks to Tanya of the Lee Contemporary Art Gallery for your help and support, you are amazing. Thank you Greg James Thomson for the great photography. Thank you Clayton A. Johnson for being there. And a special shout out to Donna Howlett.  Here are some of the photos…


There are currently no events planned. Please check back soon…..

“Light has always had an emotional influence on Ron’s perception of the world. Combining this
with his fascination with paper, Ronald taught himself quilling which allows his creations to take
on bold and symmetrical shapes. Cutting strips of paper, he molds each form and glues them
together, resulting in a large mandala shape. The simplicity of the process has allowed Ronald
to produce cohesive pieces that shine with details.”