Sometimes you just have to start. My process is slow and involves lots of back and forth regarding color options that will define each piece. I think about the different aspects and choices that I have to make in order to start my piece. Sometimes I might spend a week or two just contemplating my colors. As well I might think about the overall layout of my piece. What direction do I want to go. This might change over and over as the time goes on. When I know my color choice, this allows me to start cutting my strips and gives me more time to contemplate the process.

When cutting, I go through a lot of blades, because I cut each strip from hand. I have set up a system that allows me to cut large amounts of strips without hurting my hand and joint’s. When I started cutting my strips ages ago, it was so painful for me, because I was holding the ruler and paper down. I ended up with carpal tunnel and was unable to work for a couple of months. That is why I had to create a new method of cutting my paper. That’s a story for another time.

2 thoughts on “Preperation

  1. Cheryl Labuda

    The middle of your beautiful. Black and red Mandela’s. I notice the middle is like little cones. Are the put one a cool that is some shaped. Or is the what I call spikes on a flat surface. I admire your work. You are a true master of the craft


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