Remarkable Quilled Mandalas and Geometric Paper Art

I used to think I had limitless patience when it came to paper quilling, but that was before incredibly intricate mandalas and on-edge geometric paper art created by other quillers became so popular. Inspired at least in part by Alli Bartkowski’s book of thirty patterns, Quilled Mandalas, circular quilling began peppering social media a few years ago. It’s fun to see the wide array of coils and lines that are used… people’s creativity and dedication to their craft never fails to amaze! Let’s take a look at these examples:

Ronald Regamey is a prolific Ontario, Canada paper artist who creates large-scale mandalas with paper strips that he cuts by hand. A Threat, shown above, measures 21 x 21 inches. His first solo exhibition is underway through August 3 at Lee Art Gallery in Orillia, Ontario. Here’s a shot of another mandala by Ronald that shows the detail of central dimensional coils.

All Things Paper

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