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When I reflect and emerge….

Of Swiss and German descent, Ronald Regamey was born in Ontario after his parents immigrated to Canada in the sixties. After studying at Okanagan College, he moved to Switzerland in the late eighties and completed his education as a ceramist. From there, his career took a turn and he began working in the field of special needs, focusing on creativity and daily care, while also pursuing social work and the arts. Ronald is currently living once again in Canada.

1968: Born in Bowmanville, Ontario
1974 – 1986: Elementary and High School
1986 – 1988: Fine Arts Program, Kelowna, British Columbia
1990 – 1994: School of Design for Ceramics, Bern, Switzerland
1997 – 2000: Developmental disabilities Studies, Switzerland
2019: Elected to the Ontario Society of Artists ,
Ontario Society of Artists – flyer

Ronald’s work represents a summary of his life and occupational undertaking. His education and personal experience allows him to understand issues and social dilemmas and has expanded his imagination. He is interested in approaching the unapproachable by embracing and exploring forms, shapes and colors—hoping to attain a more visual and emotional connection. He is attracted to several mediums but has had a long-time interest in paper and Quilling. This art involves preparation, incubation, implementation, work-flow, final product and self-reflection. These steps permit Ronald to challenge himself, but also control the strengths and weakness he might encounter on the journey. By going beyond these limits, he can spot inspiration, impulse and everyday behavior. Ronald hopes not to achieve a path of self-fulfilling confusion, but direct exploration—achieving different distinctions regardless of where they may lead.

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