When I Reflect And Emerge

This interest in art is not new for me: but a gradual fascination of different inspirations all around me and the journey I have taken throughout my life.
When I reflect on my life, I see how it has shaped me through the choices I have made and directions I have taken. From the time I could think, I have always had an infatuation with art and my chosen profession, both existing as one. Each of them very different but defining me today as that person.  For nearly 30 years I have only made art through a predefined set of ‘rules’ that related directly to my profession.  I have used art to create for my clients, to fulfill student expectations (completing Fine Arts major) or to create content for work required projects.  For me art & work are a place where questions are asked, goals are set, and lines are blurred.  This has required me to follow the rules and try to figure out what is expected of me.  While this type of formal training builds valuable skills, it has confined my creativity.  I need art – but I also want to work and support individuals with special needs – both strong callings.  How do I connect the two while setting boundaries?  In not wanting to lose myself in the ‘rules’ and without ever really understanding my role as an individual when it comes to creating art that reflects my personal mantra, I have begun to emerge as a ‘new’ artist.  Only when I made the transition to create pieces of art with paper and glue, have I begun to understand what it means to truly feel like an artist, creating as an outlet instead of a means.  (Thank you Amanda for your help)

Images of Ron Regamey at a very young age.

Carmichael Canadian Landscape Exhibition

Selected Artists

Patti Agapi

Jane Austin

Natalie Baker

Christopher Cape

Grace Dam

Deborah Danelley

Dianne Davis

Pat Dumas-Hudecki

Linda FinnMidori Fullerton

Anita Granger

Sadko Hadzihasanovic

Sara Heinonen

John Hofstetter

Janet Houston

Margit Koivisto

Steven Laurie

Jessica Lin

Joanne Lomas

Mike Marcon

David McClyment

Gregory McCullough

Erin McGean

Monique Motut-Firth

Sonja Ng

Krista Pain

Janet Read

Ronald Regamey

Lori Ryerson

Bill Schwarz

Byron Sheldrick

Karin Silverstone

Patrick Steiber

Peter Stranks

Bill Schwarz

Barrie Szekely

Marten Visser

Drew Wallis

Janine Wheeler



Friday, November 8, 2019 to Wednesday, January 22, 2020  


November 8, 2019 7–9pm 

The Carmichael Canadian Landscape Exhibition: Tradition Transformed was created in recognition of Group of Seven member, and Orillia native Franklin Carmichael. Now in its 18th year, this juried show calls on artists from across the country to submit work that embraces, challenges, comments, critiques, echoes, re-works or strengthens images, perceptions and interpretations of Canadian landscape through the artist’s chosen medium. Heavily rooted in Carmichael’s beliefs on traditionalism and classical modes of artistic expression, Carmichael himself was very much invested in contemporary artistic styles having been inspired by his native Canadian surroundings

WATER, 2019