Boyds Bears is a line of manufactured collectable resin and stuffed teddy bears produced from the early 1980s until 2014. Boyds was acquired in 2008 by Enesco, who announced in 2014 that the company had “made the difficult strategic decision to place Boyds into hibernation”. Welcome to my Boyds Bear Collection.

Boyds Bear Musical and Illuminated Christmas Tree Figurine

This beautiful Boyds Bears Santa teddy bear lighted Christmas tree with wood base, train tunnel and much more.This beautiful lighted Christmas tree features Santa bear with his written list of children and gifts. There is also a train tunnel at the base at the opposite end of Santa bear. There are baby bears, angel bears, sleeping bears, climbing bears, Dolly bears, French bears, skiing bears, Candy canes bears all tucked in and bears in tree branches! There’s bears everywhere. The total height of the piece at the top angel bear is over 12 inches tall and 10 1/2 inches in diameter at the wood base. This beautiful Danberry mint condition Boyds bear tree is a piece that not only children but also adults will enjoy. This is a wonderful creation that will be remembered for many lifetimes and will be passed down from generation to generation. It is a very lovely interesting piece. Extra bulbs included. Excellent condition. 2002, Danbury Mint Issued

Boyds Bear Musical and Illuminated Teapot Figurine

An Amazing Large and Intricate Boyds Bear Resin Musical and Illuminated Teapot Christmas Figurine. Please be aware that I believe this to be a Boyds piece, but it is not marked and comes with the original box. It looks just like one. This is a beautiful figure with three different working aspects and is a large resin item in the shape of a teapot ‘house’ with bears all over it. First, the item comes with batteries and can be lighted up inside. There is also a switch on the bottom to work the flashing lights inside. Last, there is a musical part that winds up to play Jingle Bells and rotates the bears in the middle of the inside of the pot. This is a heavy item, approx. 9.5 in tall by 9.5 in wide and weighing over 6 pounds. It is in great condition with no large imperfections.