Name # Obverse Year Quantity Produced Weight Diameter Material Bullion Weight
2017 $10 Year of the Rooster – Pure Silver Coin 154178 Queen Elizabeth II 2017 15'888 15.87g 34mm Siler 0.51 Troy Ounces

According to the Chinese zodiac, the Rooster rules the roost in 2017. In an on-going celebration of traditional Chinese-Canadian culture, this fine silver coin by the Royal Canadian Mint commemorates 2017 as the Year of the Rooster and honours all those born under its sign.
The reverse design by Three Degrees Creative Group commemorates the Year of the Rooster with a stylized depiction of a rooster. Detailed engraving recreates its familiar appearance and captures the essence of the animal’s character: observant, resourceful and self-assured. Other symbolic elements are artfully incorporated into the design, including the gladiola flowers that are traditionally associated with this sign, as well as the Chinese character for “rooster”.
The perfect gift or keepsake for a friend or loved one born in the Year of the Rooster: 1909, 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005—and newborns in 2017! A wonderful addition to your fine silver or Chinese zodiac-themed collection.


Name # Obverse Year Quantity Produced Diameter Material Bullion Weight
2015 $10 Winter Scene – Pure Silver Coin 130616 Queen Elizabeth ll 2015 8000 34mm Silver 0.51 Troy Ounces

This 2015 $10 fine silver coin features a bright and bold painted scene that brings the magic of winter to life, celebrating one of Canada’s most beloved winter pastimes.
The design on this coin by artist Louise Martineau presents an idyllic Canadian winter moment, depicting two stylized figures enjoying a toboggan as they play in the first snowfall of the winter. The joy of tobogganing is evident in the boy’s outstretched arm, as one imagines the peals of laughter that echo through the northern landscape. The bright red barn, white snow, green of the trees and blue of the distant mountains combine to create a bright and cheerful scene to warm the heart. The word “CANADA” and the date “2015” rest below the top of the rim of the coin, while the face value of “10 DOLLARS” rests against the bottom.
This coin is struck in a half-ounce of 99.99% fine silver, and has a mintage of 8,000 pieces. As a pure silver coin, this item is GST/HST-exempt.


Name # Obverse Year Quantity Produced Weight Diameter Material Bullion Weight
2014 $25 MATRIARCH MOON MASK 130514 Queen Elizabeth II 2014 6000 36.76g 36.15mm Silver .99 Troy Ounces

The image on the reverse of this striking coin is based on an original wooden carving by Haida artist Carol Young for the Royal Canadian Mint. The “moon mask” carving is a popular one amongst many First Nations cultures, referencing “Grandmother Moon”; it is the notion that the crone, a symbol of feminine wisdom, is symbolically tied to the ripe full moon. There is a connection between the round sphere of the moon and the elder woman’s role as leader, sage, and guardian of a clan’s history. This coin is handcrafted, resulting in a phenomenal level of three-dimensionality that remains faithful to the original sculpture, right down to the original wood grain. Struck in almost one ounce 99.99% fine silver, this coin features a mintage of 6,000 coins worldwide, making it a desirable addition to any collection of fine silver coins. It would also make a thoughtful and impressive gift for any First Nations history and culture enthusiast in your life.

CT - 2014 $20 HOCKEY CANADA 100TH

Name # Obverse Year Quantity Produced Weight Diameter Material Bullion Weight
2014 $20 Hockey Canada, 100th Anniversary 130626 Queen Elizabeth II 2014 7’500 31.39g 38mm Silver 1.009 Troy Ounces

This 2014 $20 fine silver coin commemorates the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association (CAHA), which was the precursor to Hockey Canada. This coin with applied dual enamel celebrates the governing body of the sport in Canada, which has shaped the game as it is played in arenas across the country.
The design on this coin recreates the iconic Hockey Canada logo: the silhouette of a hockey player separates the red enamel-filled upper-right portions of the maple leaf from the black enamel-filled lower portions. At left, a smaller maple leaf with the number “100” marks the 100th anniversary of Hockey Canada.
This coin was struck in over one ounce of 99.99% pure silver, and features a mintage of 7,500. As a pure silver coin, this item is GST/HST-exempt.


Name # Obverse Year Quantity Produced Weight Diameter Material Bullion Weight
2014 25C Pure Gold Coin – Chipmunk 127573 Queen Elizabeth II 2014 10'000 0.5g 11mm Gold 0.016 Troy Ounces

This charming, 25-cent pure gold coin pays tribute to the bold, energetic and sometime mischievous chipmunk! With a diameter of 11mm, this coin is endearing in its compact size, much like the tiny chipmunk itself. Its simple, striking design portrays the lovable (though occasionally infuriating) creature in a pose Canadians have seen countless times over, holding an acorn in its tiny grasp. The hardworking chipmunk witnessed running around one of Canada’s countless groves and forests in late autumn is a sure sign of the impending frost of winter. This is also why the genus name (Tamias) comes from the Greek word meaning “treasurer” or “steward”, referring to its role in plant dispersal around an ecosystem as it collects and stores food for the winter. Weighing in at 0.5g of pure gold and presented in a brilliant proof finish, this coin is an excellent, affordable way to start (or add to) your own gold collection!


Name # Obverse Year Quantity Produced Weight Diameter Material Bullion Weight
2014 $10 First Nations Art – Salmon 130561 Queen Elizabeth II 2014 10'000 15.87g 34mm Pure Silver 0.51 Troy Ounces

Part of a series of coins depicting First Nations art, this design by Coast Salish artist Darlene Gait pays tribute to the salmon, a fish that has played a crucial role in the development and sustainability of First Nations cultures. The image is enhanced by a hologram background that shimmers wonderfully, alluding to the water that is the natural habitat of the salmon fish. The tradition of First Nations salmon fishing on the West Coast has come under heavy threat in the last ten years; traditional fisheries have collapsed due to the mass salmon-farming industries that place open-net cage farms in First Nations territories. The salmon, a fish long-revered by Coastal First Nations cultures, is seen on this coin with four fish arranged in a circular pattern and meet in the centre, while clusters of roe are nestled between them, making reference to the cycle of life. Vibrant colours enhance the design, while a proof finish completes this half-ounce silver coin. A perfect gift for any lover of First Nations art and culture.


Name # Obverse Year Quantity Produced Weight Diameter Material Bullion Weight
2011 Our Legendary Nature Sterling Silver 3-Coin Set 117008 Queen Elizabeth II 2011 10'000 5.9g 23.88mm Silver 0.925 Troy Ounces

Limited edition coin set featuring 3 beautifully designed wildlife animals. These coins are proof finish with paint that enhances their habitat. This is a Canadian must have for those Canadian wildlife and sea animal lovers.


Name # Obverse Year Weight Diameter Material
2010 $5 Canadian Olympic Hockey Gold 111948 Queen Elizabeth II 2010 31.1035g 38mm Silver


Name Obverse Year Quantity Produced Weight Diameter Material
Canada 5 Dollars Queen Elizabeth II 1988 100'00 31.1 38 9999 / CANADA / FINE SILVER 1 OZ ARGENT PUR